Van Gogh Brabant

The origins of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), together with his great masterpieces are established in Brabant. He was born and raised here. This is where his love of the farmland, the countryside and the simplistic lifestyle originated. His palette was initially dominated by grey tones, but in Nuenen he immersed himself in the theory of colour and experimented intensely with colour and contrasts.

Five Brabant communities have a unique connection with the young Van Gogh. Vincent was born in Zundert, received his first serious drawing lessons in Tilburg, sketched his first models in Etten and created his first great masterpiece, The Potato Eaters in Nuenen. There is a valuable collection of paintings from his Brabant period in the North Brabant Museum in’s-Hertogenbosch.

Van Gogh in Brabant Foundation

Under the auspices of Van Gogh in Brabant, these five locations have established their connection with Vincent van Gogh’s early years and their influence on his forthcoming career. The Van Gogh in Brabant Foundation is supported by the Province of North Brabant.


The board of the foundation is made up from representatives of the five collaborating locations. Project management of Van Gogh Brabant is carried out by Visit Brabant.
Chair: Mr. J.W. Schipper
Secretary: Mr. J. Brosens
Treasurer: Mr. S. Donkers
Board member: Mr. Ch. de Mooij
Board member: Mr. R. Peeters
Board member: Mr. J.K. Lemkes
Director: Mr. F. van den Eijnden

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